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Coniston Cricket Pavilion

Competition, Lake District UK with Eva Mair, 2013

The conceptual idea for the new Cricket+ Pavilion is based on the poetic characteristics of the site with its extremly beautiful landscape and stunning views towards the field and mountains. Growing out of the existing dry stone wall it is divided in three parts: two changing rooms to the sides and one middle room that offers kitchen facilities, a small look-out tower and a sun deck at its roof. Together the three parts form a multi-functional space which can inhabit lots of different usages during off season.

Pavilion seen from the playground Coniston Cricket Pavilion Pavilion seen from the playground
Axonometric drawing axo_0.25 Axonometric drawing
Floor plan Coniston _ 3. EG_neu Floor plan
Section changing room Coniston_Schnitt A_0.25 Section changing room
Section tea kitchen Coniston_Schnitt B_0.25 Section tea kitchen
Section tower Coniston_Schnitt C_0.25 Section tower